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Building Warrant Fee Increases 2024

19th February 2024

Building warrant fees will increase from 1 April 2024 following a Public Consultation in 2023. Fees are being increased to support the changes being introduced to strengthen the building standards system through the work of the Futures Board programme.

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A Learning Management System for the Building Standards Profession

17th January 2024

Local Authority Building Standards Scotland (LABSS), with support from the Building Standards Hub (BSH) Pilot, are currently developing a Learning Management System (LMS) which supports training through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

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Building Standards – A New Compliance Plan Approach

12th January 2024

In response to the recommendations made by the Review Panel on Building Standards Compliance and Enforcement in 2018, the Scottish Government’s Building Standards Division (BSD) has been working on a new Compliance Plan (CP) approach for buildings classified as High Risk Buildings (HRB).

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Closing the Workforce Strategy for the Building Standards Verification Service

22nd December 2023

The workforce strategy was designed to be delivered over three years from October 2020 and that period has now ended. A formal closure report is published today highlighting the progress achieved and detailing the work that will continue.

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Building Standards Local authority visits to Denholm House

28th July 2023

Building Standards Division (BSD) hosted a series of in person visits by local authority verifiers, over four dates in May and June, to our offices in Denholm House, Livingston.

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Building Standards Enforcement Handbook

27th March 2023

Today, we have published the first edition of the Building Standards Enforcement Handbook. The purpose of this handbook is to provide guidance for local authorities responsible for enforcement under the Building (Scotland) Act 2003.

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Update on the Building Standards Hub Pilot

30th January 2023

This guest blog post provides an update on the Building Standards Hub Pilot, by Hub Directors Alan McAulay and James Whiteford.

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Building Standards Workforce Strategy – Achievements at the end of Year Two

7th December 2022

This post covers the main achievements from Year Two and looks ahead to the priorities for the third and final year of strategy delivery as many elements become embedded into practice.

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The Inter-Jurisdictional Regulatory Collaboration Committee – 25th Anniversary

26th October 2022

Blog post by Stephen Garvin, Head of Building Standards Division The Inter-jurisdictional regulatory collaboration committee, or IRCC for short, celebrates its 25th anniversary this week (24 to 26 October 2022) with a meeting and conference in Bavaria to discuss a range of contemporary subjects relevant to global building safety and trends influencing the future of…

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Building Standards Futures Board – Update on the Seven Workstreams

5th September 2022

The Building Standards Futures Board (FB) was established in May 2019 by the then Minister for Local Government, Housing and Planning, Kevin Stewart MSP, to provide guidance and direction on making transformative changes to the building standards system. This post provides a progress update on the 7 work streams.

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