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A New Future for Social Security in Scotland

August 17, 2016 by No Comments | Category Uncategorized

People across Scotland are being given the chance to help shape the country’s first ever social security system.  The Scottish Government has launched a 13 week consultation looking for views on the benefits being devolved to Scotland, as well as how they are delivered. We are keen to gather views to help inform future decisions, including the development of the forthcoming Social Security Bill. The consultation closes on October, 28 2016.

The benefits being transferred to Scotland include disability and carers payments. In particular you might be interested in the proposals to replace the ‘Sure Start Maternity Grants’ with the ‘Best Start Grant’, which can be found at Section 10 of the consultation document.  A summary version of the consultation is also available.

The Scottish Government is committed to working with all those with an interest in this area.  If you would like details about the stakeholder events, which we will be supporting during the consultation period, you can sign up to our newsletter.

If you have any queries on the consultation please contact