Chief Medical Officer

  • Realising Realistic Medicine

    27th February 2017 by

    I am delighted to be publishing my second Annual Report: Realising Realistic Medicine today.  Realistic Medicine puts the person receiving health and care at the centre of decision-making and creates a personalised approach to their care. It aims to reduce harm and waste and simplify care while managing risk and innovating to improve. It also...

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  • Launch of Physical Activity Infographic for Children and Young People (5-18)

    11th March 2016 by

    I’m pleased to launch today the infographic for physical activity for children (aged 5-18) which has been developed collaboratively by the UK’s four Chief Medical Officers (CMOs).  There is strong evidence that being physically active is beneficial for the health of body and mind.  The Chief Medical Officers of the UK released updated guidelines in 2011 that...

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  • A busy and important time for Scotland’s health

    22nd February 2016 by

    I haven’t posted for a while as it has been an incredibly busy time since last month’s successful launch of my first CMO Annual report. I have already had some great feedback via my Twitter (@CathCalderwood1) – the map of the world below shows Realistic Medicine activity on Twitter in the last seven days alone. I’m...

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  • Realistic Medicine: My first CMO Annual Report

    20th January 2016 by

    Today I launched my first annual report as Chief Medical Officer  for Scotland .  There is an Executive Summary  and a short video where I introduce the report and its focus on ‘Realistic Medicine’ and what this can mean for the challenges that face us as a profession and in healthcare. I believe that the profession, with...

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  • 2016: A Good Year!

    11th January 2016 by

    2015 is over, but of course, work by our dedicated health and care professionals, who did such a sterling job over the holiday period and in the resilience efforts in response to Storm Frank, will continue apace into 2016. I started the year by publishing, in conjunction with the CMOs in England, Wales and Northern...

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  • How many patients will be admitted as emergencies on Christmas day?

    11th December 2015 by

    Christmas day is traditionally seen as the quiet day in acute hospitals – but how quiet is it really? The statistics I was analysing earlier this week show that over 1,000 emergency patients will be admitted to hospital on Christmas day and that figure will increase sharply as we move to the 5th of January...

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  • Hello Online World – this my first blog post as Chief Medical Officer!

    3rd December 2015 by

    My job is genuinely one of the most varied and worthwhile there is.  I’m so pleased to get out and about and meet the many stakeholders who have an interest in my role as the senior adviser to the Scottish Government on health matters.  I hope this blog can help me connect even further. What...

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