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If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there

November 17, 2016 by 1 Comment | Category 2030 Nursing Vision

Fiona McQueen with Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care, Shona Robison

Fiona McQueen with Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care, Shona Robison

I recently launched a large scale engagement to develop a 2030 Vision for Nursing in Scotland. The goal is to produce a vision for maximising the nursing contribution to health and well-being which is informed and supported by nursing workforce, students and stakeholders.

The creation of a vision for Nursing in Scotland will support and sustain Scotland’s nurses’ contribution to improving our health and delivering care towards 2030 and beyond. In practical terms, it will help create the conditions for nurses to maximise their contribution wherever they work and whatever their role.  That’s why I’m keen that as many people as possible help shape and create that Vision as we will use it as a compass in coming years to shape policy and strategy development, and also as a yardstick to measure that we are still on course.

It would be easy to suggest that the creation of a Vision is a bureaucratic exercise that will bear no resemblance to the real world, or be a pretty document that will look good on bookshelves. However, it’s up to the nurses of Scotland to make sure the Vision that we create has resonance with the profession, as well as the people of Scotland. But also that it actually does begin to create a picture of what the future possibilities might be in a world that will be quite different from the one we occupy today.

At one level, there are many complexities for nursing and nurses to negotiate; the integration of health and social care, uncertainties in the economy, Brexit, the revised NMC standards for education; never mind the complexities we face in our personal lives.  But at another level, the delivery of person centred compassionate care, working tirelessly to support people to improve their health and reduce inequalities continues to be at the heart of the work of every nurse in Scotland, wherever they work and whatever their role.

Co-creation is a much used term, but it is my hope that our Vision will actually be co-created. Everybody who contributes to its development will see their contribution in the document, but more importantly will feel and experience the benefit in their practice by the realisation of the Vision as we act on what people tell us is important for our future.  It’s also my intention that the Vision will underpin policy decisions about the nursing contribution to future delivery of health and social care in Scotland, giving policy makers a clear understanding of the added value nurses bring to improving outcomes when working within a multi-disciplinary, multi-agency team.

All that I ask is that you are bold and ambitious in your thinking, and your thinking takes you to a future where the people live longer healthier lives and are delivered truly world class health and social care.

Further information and how you can get involved can be found below:



  • Chris Lisle says:

    Nurses of Scotland – engage / participate / be creative and optimise your collective impact to improve the Scottish NHS. Your Counterparts in other parts of the UK should be looking on with envy at your opportunity to shape the future.

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