Cyber Resilience

  • Cyber Resilience COVID-19 Bulletin

    6th May 2020 by

    The Scottish Government’s Cyber Resilience Unit is producing a regular ‘CyberScotland Bulletin’ for business organisations, public sector organisations, charities and the general public. The Scottish Government Cyber Resilience Unit is sharing important cyber security information from trusted sources, including the National Cyber Security Centre, Police Scotland and Trading Standards Scotland. As of 1 October 2020,...

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  • More spaces added to online cyber security courses after high demand from Scottish pupils

    19th May 2020 by

    More young people in Scotland, particularly girls, are being invited to take part in a new series of free, online cyber security courses this summer, giving them the opportunity to develop valuable digital skills and enrich their problem-solving abilities. The free CyberFirst courses, created by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in partnership with skills...

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  • New virtual cyber school gives teens chance to try out as cyber security agents from home

    1st May 2020 by

    Young people encouraged to join online learning to develop cyber security skills Cyber Discovery – Virtual Cyber School Thousands of young people are being offered the chance to join a virtual cyber security school as part of plans to make sure the country develops the next generation of professional cyber defenders. Teens can learn how to...

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  • NCSC Launch New Online Security Campaign

    22nd April 2020 by

    Cross-governmental ‘Cyber Aware’ campaign launched, which offers actionable advice for people to protect passwords, accounts and devices. Concern that criminals could look to capitalise on increased use of Internet devices The National Cyber Security Centre, a part of GCHQ; Launched ‘Cyber Aware’ campaign promoting behaviours to mitigate threats Created a world-leading scam reporting service for...

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  • Small Charities Coalition and NCC Group – Cyber Basics Training

    6th March 2020 by

    Turning cyber into something that safeguards small charities now and in the future If you’re running or working for a small charity, there are one million things on your mind, and at least 15 of them that (should) demand your immediate and undivided attention. From governance to fundraising, from appointing trustees to digital marketing, you...

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  • Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2020

    4th March 2020 by

    Jemma Stewart, the newest member of the Scottish Government’s Cyber Resilience Unit shares her journey and why the Modern Apprenticeship scheme was the correct career pathway for her. “Throughout school I had always envisioned myself staying on till the very end then heading off to university to study a degree. As I got older, and...

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  • Why you must be aware of information security essentials?

    2nd March 2020 by

    Companies have grown their investment in IT security by several times in the past decade. In 2019 alone, companies spent more than $60 million in IT security and the number is expected to increase further. This investment suggests that companies are becoming increasingly aware of the essentials of information security. Of the above investment, almost...

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  • Career in Cyber Security

    19th February 2020 by

    As part of our work to raise awareness of cyber security jobs, Skills Development Scotland have produced resources which support individuals and industry to navigate the cyber security careers and education landscape in Scotland. Our Cyber Security Careers Map highlights the 15 most common roles in cyber security in Scotland and helps people understand the...

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  • 2nd Cyber Resilience Learning and Skills Update

    18th February 2020 by

    We’re delighted to attach the second Cyber Resilience Learning and Skills Update, following on from the first in August. Find out what’s been happening in the past few months and what the current big ticket issues are. You can read about cyber resilience learning and skills activity taking place in our: schools colleges communities workplaces,...

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  • Phishing attacks and their implications from Techwarn

    17th February 2020 by

    Phishing attacks and their implications In the 21st century, a lot has changed in terms of technology. The advent of the internet has meant that most people have internet-connected devices. The Internet of Things IoT) describes connected devices that collect and also share data. Mobile phones, tablets, and computers are all used to access the...

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