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How SQA Digital Literacy units contribute to cyber skills development

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An effective way to be make sure your learners are cyber safe is to teach them to be digitally literate. That’s why SQA’s newly developed suite of Digital Literacy units at SCQF levels 2 to 6 have a strong focus on both cyber security and cyber resilience.

These new units have been designed to equip learners with the essential digital literacy skills needed to safely use a range of technologies for everyday life, for learning and in the workplace. Learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of cyber security and build cyber resilient behaviours as they communicate and work responsibly with others online. They will also gain confidence as they use digital devices, software applications and tools for a range of projects and in different contexts, gaining the practical skills that encourage creative thinking and problem solving as they produce and share content for digital platforms.

At the same time, the new units allow learners to achieve several embedded Core Skills, including Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Learners achieving a Digital Literacy unit will automatically achieve the embedded Core Skill(s), which will be separately recognised on their SQA certificate.

The table below shows the embedded Core Skills at each level:

Unit title SCQF level SQA credit points Unit code Core Skills
Digital Literacy



J3H6 42

· ICT at SCQF 2
Digital Literacy



J3H6 43

·  ICT at SCQF 3

·  Working with Others at SCQF 3

Digital Literacy



J3H6 44

· ICT at SCQF 4

· Working with Others at SCQF 4

Digital Literacy



J3H6 45

· ICT at SCQF 5

· Problem Solving at SCQF 5

· Working with Others at SCQF 5

Digital Literacy



J3H6 46

· ICT at SCQF 6

· Problem Solving at SCQF 6

· Working with Others at SCQF 6

The new units are available for delivery and can be downloaded from SQA’s website using the following links:

or by using our online unit search facility.

Online assessments to support all units are currently in development and will be available from SQA SOLAR in May 2020.

If you are interested in teaching the new Digital Literacy Units, and would like more information, please contact


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