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Why you must be aware of information security essentials?

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Companies have grown their investment in IT security by several times in the past decade. In 2019 alone, companies spent more than $60 million in IT security and the number is expected to increase further. This investment suggests that companies are becoming increasingly aware of the essentials of information security. Of the above investment, almost a quarter was dedicated to security devices such as security cameras with audio facility, intrusion detectors and filtering devices.

Some of the essentials of an effective information security system include elements like:

  • building a risk-oriented culture that focuses on identifying and minimizing risks
  • increasing response times
  • preventing cybercrime
  • building security into IT design
  • extending security to the cloud
  • Setting access rights, and others.

Some steps are as simple as installing cool lights for night security and distributing access cards to staff.

This article outlines some of the benefits that you and your organization can realize by increasing awareness of the above listed information security essentials.

Information security can help you prevent unauthorized access to data assets. It can help you lay down the policies that administrators can use to determine which individuals should have access to particular resources. In fact, it can be the starting point for authentication policies and defining the scope for different individuals when working with the system.

Awareness of information security issues can help the management to improve the security of the telecommunications system. Through this, the management can ensure that the network, devices and protocols are used only for authorized purposes and are thus available for legitimate use when needed.

It can even help managers to minimize the costs of security management by identifying in advance the security risks for the system and preparing protective measures. In this way, the organization is equipped to respond as soon as a security risk occurs and the teams can return to normal productivity levels after minimal disruption of service.

The performance of the applications on your proprietary systems can be enhanced when the teams are aware of information security essentials. You can respond more efficiently to various threats and vulnerabilities by implementing access restrictions and availability of service users and clients at all times.

There are so many cryptographic tools out there that it can be quite challenging to select the ones that your organization needs. By being aware of information security essentials of your organization, you can become trained to spot the security risks for your data systems and adopt the most effective cryptographic tools for symmetric as well as asymmetric encryption. This can help your company to operate the IT systems with integrity and round the clock availability.

Developing security architecture for your organization is an arduous task that can be challenging at best. You need to design the architecture that follows the standards and principles of system security such as the TCSEC criteria. This helps the systems to be scaled up without compromising on system integrity and security. Knowing the information security essentials can help you ensure complete compliance with these criteria and run your systems safely and reliably.

Awareness of computer security basics can help your organization to pass the annual IT security audit smoothly. During such audits, the system and its security systems are inspected for issues such as the efficiency of system security mechanisms, service availability, error resolution and so on. A team that is aware of the basics can implement policies that enable the IT team to detect and prevent errors and to recover data efficiently.

Training is another area that can help your organization if you know the essentials of information security. It is important to be aware of these essentials so that you can train your IT team so that they can implement robust IT systems and support the staff with their day to day IT needs.

Not being aware of IT security essentials can cause your organization to incur several costs. Not only the costs of lost business due to disruptions in service, but the costs of non-compliance can also take a toll on your organization’s productivity. IT crime, breach of data privacy, online fraud and breach of licensing policies can result in lawsuits against the company and a heavy financial burden.

Information security can have long-term benefits for your organization by creating opportunities for you to identify areas of growth and offering new services to your staff to optimize their productivity.

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