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Small Charities Coalition and NCC Group – Cyber Basics Training

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Turning cyber into something that safeguards small charities now and in the future

If you’re running or working for a small charity, there are one million things on your mind, and at least 15 of them that (should) demand your immediate and undivided attention. From governance to fundraising, from appointing trustees to digital marketing, you will have plenty of people competing for your time (and resources).

The last thing you want is for someone else to tell you to focus on something else. While it might seem so, this is not what the National Small Charities Cyber Resilience Partnership is all about.

Yes, at the face of it, the ambition of the Small Charities Coalition and NCC Group, who have come together in this Partnership, is to ensure that the importance of cyber resilience is understood by all small charities. But their ambition is also to ensure that you embracing cyber resilience meaningfully helps you to safeguard yourself, your beneficiaries and your future.

Rather than adding confusion and complexity to your already ever growing workload, the Partnership wants make sure that it breaks down the myths of cyber in a way that allows each and every small charity to make sense of what that word means, and what practical things it can do to “do cyber better”.

To turn that ambition into reality, the National Small Charities Cyber Resilience Partnership will host a half-day workshop in Edinburgh on 26 March. Whether you’re responsible for cyber or IT, have been tasked to learn more about it, or are simply interested to understand it, all you have to do is commit a little bit of time. The Partnership, in return, will endeavour to make cyber a less strange or scary concept. They want you to walk away with a much, much clearer idea of what cyber  means, why it matters to you, and, more than anything else, how getting a grip on it will safeguard you now and in the long-term.

Details to sign up are here:


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