Cyber Resilience

  • New action plan to boost Scotland’s cyber security industry

    26th September 2018 by

    A new action plan will encourage the growth of innovative Scottish cyber security research to deliver world-leading cyber security goods and services. The Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise will work with key partners to ensure Scotland fully exploits the economic growth opportunities of the increasing demand for cyber security goods. Scottish Enterprise will receive just…

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  • Scotland can’t be complacent about cyber security threats

    27th June 2018 by

    Cyber-crime increasingly affects everyone – at home, at work and even in national government. It’s also borderless, requiring new approaches to prevent attacks. Recent reports highlight the escalating volume of the threat. I’ve been working with the Scottish Business Resilience Centre and the Scottish Government, as co-chair of the Scottish private sector steering group, to…

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  • Strengthening cyber resilience – New action plan puts cyber-skills at the heart of learning and development

    7th March 2018 by

    A digitally connected economy and society that is more vulnerable to cyber threats requires its citizens to be more resilient, and for Scotland to have a strong talent pool of cyber security professionals.   That is why we, as the Co-chairs of the Learning and Skills Steering Group, along with the Scottish Government, key educational…

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  • The ‘One Reset’ you need to protect your emails from hackers

    21st February 2018 by

    Do you use the same password across all of your online accounts or share personal details via email? If so, you’re not alone. A new survey from the Government’s Cyber Aware campaign and global information services company Experian has revealed over half of respondents (52%) aged 18-25 and 27% of respondents from all age groups…

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  • Competition launches to crown UK’s most cyber-savvy girls

    16th January 2018 by

    Female pupils in Scottish schools encouraged to create teams to enter UK cyber challenge Eight teams from Scottish schools finished in competition’s top 100 last year NCSC and GCHQ experts have devised 100 challenges for the teams to crack Global shortage of female cyber security staff – but 8,000 UK girls entered 2017 contest Young…

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  • Andrew McSherry from Scottish Canals on cyber resilient best practice

    7th November 2017 by

    Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Scottish Canals. I’ve worked in IT for nearly 25 years  in a variety of leadership roles in a number of sectors ranging from retail and manufacturing to facility management. I was initially brought into Scottish Canals to reviews its ICT provisioning before being appointed Head…

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  • Small business urged to follow five simple steps to thrive online

    17th October 2017 by

    UK small businesses can shield themselves from potential online attacks thanks to a new guide created by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) •New guide gives expert advice on how small businesses can easily avoid common online dangers •Cyber security “should be as second nature as cashing up or locking the doors at night” •Minister…

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  • Cyber Comms Toolkit for September – Data Breaches

    30th August 2017 by

    As hackers become more and more sophisticated, the risk of a data breach has become a regular occurrence. Cyber criminals are after your money, your data and your intellectual property.   The National Cyber Security Centre believes the average cost of a data breach for a business is between £600k and £1.5m. One in four…

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  • Cyber Comms Toolkit for August – Online Fraud

    26th July 2017 by

    Summer is here so it’s time to kick back and enjoy ourselves! However, while we relax and maybe spend more time online planning a holiday or festival, there are those who won’t have our best interests at heart. In fact, figures from Action Fraud suggest the average amount lost per person to online fraud during…

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  • Cyber Comms Toolkit General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

    11th July 2017 by

    This toolkit has been developed to support your organisation to raise awareness within your communities/stakeholders of the forthcoming data protection reform. Please feel free to use and adapt these resources through your own communication channels. In order to get your communities interested, engaged, and taking action to make their organisations compliant with GDPR, please consider…

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