Digital Engagement

  • Fire Starter Festival and the power of deliberative democracy

    26th February 2020 by

    Image of Oliver Escobar presenting at the Firestarter event

    ‘Nothing about us without us’ is a mantra I often heard when working at a disability charity. The phrase has been a key part of the disability rights movement. It reflects the belief that decisions should never be made without the involvement of those affected. For many in the world of health and social care,...

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  • 11 things I learnt at #commscamp

    19th July 2017 by

    commscamp logo

    After reading the excellent blog posts on #commscamp by Steph (20 things), and Paul (10 things) I thought I’d choose 11 things I have learnt at commscamp - partly in homage to the brilliant Burnistoun sketch (feel free to Google it).

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  • One Team Gov

    11th July 2017 by

    oneteamgov logo

    I went along to the #oneteamgov event which sought to bring together 'UK policymakers, service designers, digital professionals and cross-sector experts to talk openly and creatively about making government in the UK more effective by working together'.

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