Drug Deaths Taskforce

  • Kindness, Compassion and Hope

    23rd January 2020 by

    -the title of the Dundee Commission report that laid bare the failings of treatment and care and monitoring of these services which led to the tragedy of escalating drug deaths in Dundee. After an intensive period of scrutiny and self-reflection it seems like local leaders, and those working in key positions, are now making the…

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  • From the Heart, Not the Text Book

    8th November 2019 by

    A Recovery orientate system of care from the heart, not the text book, can save lives I have had a week to reflect on the task forces’ second meeting. It has been difficult to do so as it landed on a particularly hectic week, not just with work but attending fantastic events such as the…

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  • Language Matters…

    6th November 2019 by

    At our first meeting of the Taskforce one of the members representing lived experience shared that one of the things we could do straightaway was to continue to challenge stigma for people who use drugs. We all know that stigma impacts on individuals and families and can make it difficult to take the step of…

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  • Drug Deaths Taskforce Meeting 1 – Chair’s Blog

    7th October 2019 by

    Tuesday 19th September was the first meeting of the Drug Deaths Taskforce. It was a nerve racking day making sure we were prepared with background papers, presentations and films as well as meeting some members for the first time, not to mention the press interest and photos afterwards!

    This first meeting was about bringing everyone on the Drug Deaths Taskforce up to speed, getting to know everyone around the table and the organisations and the professional groups they represent.

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