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The Benefits of Car Sharing

September 14, 2015 by 2 Comments | Category Transport

Our Liftshare scheme offers employees a better chance of getting a parking space in our busy car parks, particularly useful if other commitments mean you begin work later in the morning.

The Liftshare website has a dedicated Scottish Government private group where you can enter details of your journey and look for others going your way. Once you’ve found a BUDi you’ll each get a permit which allows you to park in a dedicated Liftshare space on the days you’re sharing.

We’ve had really positive feedback from our Liftshare users, with many finding their commutes less expensive and more enjoyable. Liftshare isn’t just useful for people who operate to a ‘standard’ working pattern or who live close to their workplace, as Liftshare user Gemma Morris tells us. Gemma travels to Saughton House from Falkirk and works 5 days over 4, which is a somewhat unusual shift pattern. Gemma’s colleague and Liftshare BUDi Beverley moved to Falkirk and also began working 5 days over 4 in an attempt to save money on fuel.

Car sharing has really benefited Gemma and Beverley, as Gemma explains, “We realised we lived less than 1 mile from one another, so it was perfect to share. Our fuel costs have halved because we bring one car and it’s nice to have someone to chat to about work, family life and interests instead of being stuck listening to the same old songs on the radio every day.”

A commuter who car-shares with just one other person typically saves around £1,000 a year, but the benefits go far beyond saving money. You may see less wear and tear on your car if you’re leaving it at home for a couple of days a week. More liftsharers would reduce the amount of cars on the road, which is good for health and the environment. If half of UK motorists received a lift just one day a week, congestion and pollution would be reduced by 10% and traffic jams by 20%. Less traffic and having someone to chat to on your commute may mean you arrive to work feeling less stressed, but there are also material benefits as traffic jams cost the UK economy £5 billion a year in lost productivity.

Photo credit: Liftshare website

Car sharing through our secure Liftshare scheme can make your commute more enjoyable and save you money on fuel, while also reducing traffic carbon emissions and helping the environment.

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  • Clark says:

    That’s really a great idea! Saves you some money and stress – less traffic, less frustration on the road. Keep going on with the initiative!

  • Seli says:

    I think it’s a fantastic thing to do, and you are certainly paving the way showing the good people like us car sharing is the future! You don’t have to sit next to people you don’t know, you can have a chat which creates bonds and makes work a happier environment to be in! We have been inspired to do the same and will be getting some group emails sent to sort something out!

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