Fairer Scotland

  • Highlands & Islands Social Innovation Fund – Call for Applications

    7th November 2018 by

    Inclusive Growth is at the heart of the Social Innovation Fund and Social Economy Growth Fund.  The Funds increase the capacity of social economy organisations to deliver services that improve the quality of life for our citizens.  They also test new products, technologies and models to overcome challenges for our individuals and communities with the...

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  • Collaboration over conflict – the only way for a modern Scottish planning system

    30th October 2018 by

    As stage 2 of the Planning Bill continues, the Local Government and Communities Committee will soon be looking at rights of appeal in planning.  This is about whether any person should have a right to have the decision reviewed, in the same way that the applicant can. This might sound simple, but it is not....

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  • Stage 2 scrutiny of the Planning Bill continues

    19th October 2018 by

    Development management in the spotlight as Stage 2 scrutiny of the Planning Bill continues. The October recess has given us all some time to reflect on the progress of the Planning Bill at stage 2. The Scottish Government has long recognised the value of planning, and so it’s welcome that Parliament is now showing significant...

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  • Working together to create a truly local social security service

    18th October 2018 by

    The important principle of our social security system being based on dignity and respect is enshrined in legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament earlier this year. It’s vital our new public service demonstrates this in all it does. Which is why, from the start, we have built our system with people that have lived experience...

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  • World Homeless Day – Jon Sparkes

    10th October 2018 by

    A guest blog from Jon Sparkes, CEO of Crisis. Ending Homelessness Together The Homelessness & Rough Sleeping Action Group completed its work in June 2018 after nine months of intense activity to answer four key questions: What could be done to reduce the number of people rough sleeping in the winter of 2017/18 How can...

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  • Transforming Scotland’s Homes and Buildings

    6th October 2018 by

    We want everyone in Scotland to have access to good quality, warm and affordable housing. This will help to create a fairer country for everyone, with health and wellbeing improved. However, we know that some people can struggle with paying their fuel bills. Earlier this year, through the Fuel Poverty (Target, Definition and Strategy) (Scotland)...

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  • United Nation International Day of Older Persons

    1st October 2018 by

    Today is the United Nation’s International Day of Older Persons.  Across the world, the population is changing.  The United Nations’ own figures show that almost 700 million people are now over the age of 60.  By 2050, two billion people – over 20 per cent of the world’s population – will be 60 or older....

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  • Poverty and Inequality Commission

    27th September 2018 by

    We recently advertised the role of Chair of the new statutory Poverty and Inequality Commission, and will be accepting applications until midnight on 5th October 2018. This is a fantastic opportunity to help shape the future policy landscape in Scotland and to influence key decisions to build a fairer and more inclusive society. This appointment...

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  • Homelessness Prevention and Strategy Group

    12th September 2018 by

    Last week, the First Minister reiterated our commitment  to prevent, tackle and end homelessness with the publication of the Programme for Government. Yesterday I chaired a meeting of the Homelessness Prevention and Strategy Group, which is now tasked with taking forward the 70 recommendations made by the Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Group. Myself and...

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  • Improving planning

    12th September 2018 by

    We can, and must, work together to improve planning in Scotland. Planning is sometimes characterised as a dry, technical pursuit with planners debating complex regulations and policy intentions in their own mysterious language and jargon. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.  People and planners really care about their places and every day, for...

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