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The forgotten victims of crime

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Voices of the young adults whose family are in prison

It’s estimated that 27,000 children and young people experience the imprisonment of a family member each year in Scotland

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KIN is a partnership project between Vox Liminis and Families Outside who help those aged 16-25. It is a new step in opening up the conversation in Scotland around what young people experience and may need when a member of their family is imprisoned.

This new dynamic, energised and ambitious project aims to collect the voices of young adults through working with writers, documentary makers, illustrators and theatre professionals that have experienced a family member in prison in order to help all young people in this situation across Scotland and to help them find confidence in themselves again. The work of KIN ultimately wants to eliminate prejudice against imprisonment that many young people unfortunately faces at the moment. We want the lives of young people in that position to be as ‘crime-free’ and equal as any other young person.

The goal of KIN is to bring fairness and equality to young people in Scotland.

Imprisonment is a common occurrence in society. People with families are sent to jail for one reason or another. In Scotland today, it is almost taboo for someone with a family member in prison to talk about it, and is more often than not met with judgement every time the topic is brought up. For us here at KIN, a fairer Scotland would not have this issue.

“We don’t talk about this at home”

People would know that imprisonment is a very real factor in society, and young people could speak about their experiences freely, without fear of judgements from their peers.

“It’s something that’s part of me but it’s not what defines me”

A partnership project between Vox Liminis and Families Outside, KIN is a new step in opening up the conversation in Scotland around what young people experience and may need when a member of their family is imprisoned.

“This has been different to any other day in my 17 years.

In addition to this KIN have also recently released a video to KIN artwork. Each member of KIN has their own experience, their our own reflections and their own hopes for the future – both for for themselves and the wider society. By creating art that is informed and inspired by their experiences, KIN hope to engage a wide variety of audiences in thinking, discussing and creating together to shed new light on an issue that affects many young people in the country, but is so often unspoken, unseen and unknown.

Do you need someone to talk to?

If you or someone you know have experience of family imprisonment and are interested in this project please don’t hesitate to contact KIN Project worker Rosie on rosie@voxliminis.co.uk. Or for more information you can also visit our website.

Join the KIN team to break down walls and find your voice.

For more information please see:

  • Vox Liminis – http://www.voxliminis.co.uk/kin/
  • Families Outside – http://www.familiesoutside.org.uk/
  • Video to KIN Artwork – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iyn8gc5Lxs


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