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Scottish Traveller: Would you hire me?

17th June 2019

My name is Angel Hendry, I’m 24 and a Scottish Traveller. I’ve experienced several barriers, trials and tribulations growing up as a young Traveller. I first experienced discrimination towards my culture when I was three years old. I was crying in my pram as my mum was pushing me around in a shop. A lady approached and leaned over the pram…

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Gorbals born, Gorbals bread

4th September 2015

Catriona Milligan (Project worker, Bridging the Gap). Bread is peculiar stuff. For starters, it’s something of a universal constant. Everyone has experience of bread – be it sliced white, chapatti or injera. In fact – though you might not suspect it – bread has the power to draw people together. Some years ago, as part…

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