Aileen Campbell

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Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government

Period Products in Schools Regulations coming in to force

19th October 2020

Having your period is natural and normal. Period products are not a luxury. That’s why the Scottish Government is campaigning to tackle the stigma around menstruation and period products, and why we are investing and taking action to make sure that everyone has access to vital products. Today marks a significant milestone in our journey…

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Communities Secretary Aileen Campbell’s letter to Minister for Immigration Compliance and the Courts Chris Philp

27th September 2020

Thank you for your letter of 15 September about asylum support cessations.   Your decision to restart the move on process for people with positive asylum decisions, who are permitted to work and to access other housing provision, is to be welcomed, as this will enable them to get on with establishing their lives here…

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Communities Secretary Aileen Campbell’s letter to the Local Government and Communities Committee

24th September 2020

Dear James,     I am writing to you to provide an update on our investment to support the people of Scotland during the Covid-19 pandemic, backed by an initial £350 million I announced through the Communities funding package on 18 March.   As the Committee will be aware, councils, charities and community groups, have…

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World Refugee Day

20th June 2020

For twenty years, thousands of people from across Scotland have come together to show solidarity with refugees by celebrating the Refugee Festival Scotland and marking World Refugee Day. While we cannot physically gather together this year, it is as important as ever to show our support for people who have had to leave their homes…

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Volunteers’ Week

1st June 2020

It’s hard to imagine it’s been nearly three months since it feels like everything changed. Apart from the essential exemptions, most of us have been doing our bit to help with the COVID-19 response by staying at home for the last couple of months. And although some of the restrictions are beginning to ease slightly…

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Why we are providing period products and removing the stigma

14th February 2020

The Scottish Government has taken world-leading action to ensure that, for the first time, people have access to free sanitary products. It is our mission too to remove any stigma associated with periods, which are experienced by half of the population. Our action is backed up with £15 million of investment and it has ensured…

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There is room for everyone in Scotland

5th January 2020

Throughout last year, I had the pleasure of meeting many of Scotland’s faith communities and have enjoyed learning more about their traditions and hearing about their experiences. There exists a remarkably strong working relationship between the faith communities in Scotland and this is invaluable. As I look back on last year, there have been so…

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No one in Scotland should have to rely on charitable food donations

16th October 2019

Today is World Food Day and an important opportunity to reflect. No one in Scotland should be left hungry and have to rely on charitable food donations. The theme that the UN have set for this year’s World Food Day is healthy diets for a zero hunger world. This speaks to many aspects of what…

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Hate crime has no place in Scotland

15th October 2019

The impact of hate crime has hugely damaging effects on victims, families and communities. Whether it’s rooted in sexual orientation, racism, islamophobia or any other form, it is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. Quite simply, there is no place for hate crime. Hate Crime Awareness Week is important because intolerance and prejudice can weave…

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The challenge to end poverty

7th October 2019

Tens of thousands of people in Scotland are at risk of being pushed into poverty if there is a ‘no deal’ Brexit. That is the stark analysis I presented to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Thérèse Coffey this week. I warned her of the danger of pushing a further 130,000 people into…

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