Leah Lockhart

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Consultant and Director at Relate Lab

Scotland providing international leadership on reducing inequality

20th July 2015

Nicola Sturgeon (First Minister of Scotland). In September, the UN’s General Assembly in New York will provide the backdrop for national governments to agree the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These new aims are part of a global approach to tackling poverty and inequality between now and 2030 and offer a vision of the world…

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Citizens directing spending on local services- the story of participatory budgeting in Manchester

1st July 2015

Decentralisation and giving communities more powers to tackle inequalities on their own terms could be one way to create a fairer Scotland. Through participatory budgeting (PB), people can direct money to the services and projects that matter to them. This week Community Empowerment Minister Marco Biagi visited PB projects in Durham and Manchester to find out how…

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A view from Scotland’s Independent Poverty Advisor

29th June 2015

By Naomi Eisenstadt [First Minister’s independent adviser on poverty and inequality]. I have now been Scotland’s official Independent Advisor (er?) on Poverty and Inequality for 4 days. My first request is a clear decision on how to spell advisor, as it keeps changing. But debates on spelling are unlikely to reduce the numbers of people in…

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