Shirley-Anne Somerville MSP

Shirley-Anne Somerville MSP

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Cabinet Secretary for Social Security and Older People

Transgender rights and equality

18th April 2019

The debate about the rights of transgender people is becoming very polarised. As Cabinet Secretary for Equalities, I have a duty to try to change that and to encourage respectful debate. Setting out my own views and feelings on the matter – while  trying to better understand those of others – is a first step….

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Putting people first in Scotland’s social security system

22nd February 2019

Recent press stories about the DWP using deflection scripts to get callers off the phone was disappointing but not surprising. We know from our own research that almost three in five people rated their experience of the current DWP system as ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’. Since taking on this post, and speaking to users of…

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Working together to create a truly local social security service

18th October 2018

The important principle of our social security system being based on dignity and respect is enshrined in legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament earlier this year. It’s vital our new public service demonstrates this in all it does. Which is why, from the start, we have built our system with people that have lived experience…

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Why we created Experience Panels

31st August 2018

Over 2,400 volunteers have signed up to help build a system that works for people.

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Cabinet Secretary for Social Security and Older People – Shirley-Anne Somerville

27th July 2018

I was recently given the huge privilege of being appointed to Cabinet, to serve as the Scottish Government’s first Cabinet Secretary for Social Security and Older People. I am proud to be building on the work of my predecessor Jeane Freeman, moving from the passage of the historic Social Security (Scotland) Act on to the…

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