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  • John-Paul’s Story – Teddy Hospital

    4th July 2019 by

    Spending time in hospital can be a scary experience for anyone, regardless of age. John-Paul’s Dad tells us how the Teddy Hospital was used as a really helpful way to explain what was happening to him so could understand and speak about this and be more comfortable in the hospital. John-Paul was born with chronic...

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  • Craig’s Story

    27th June 2019 by

    Hear about how Craig’s  play at The Yard helped build confidence by giving him the encouragement and space to socialise and try new things.  Sharon is mum to Craig, aged 11, who attends the Thursday 10-14’s club at The Yard. Craig has been a member of this club since April 2018 and enjoys coming every...

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  • Elena’s story

    20th June 2019 by

    Elena’s story shows how Elena’s mum, Leona was able to access financial support  through the Family Fund to buy a washer dryer and outdoor play equipment. This helped improve the day-to-day quality of life they as a family were able to experience. Elena is two years old, and lives in Dundee with her family. “Elena...

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  • Laura and Connor’s story

    13th June 2019 by

    Bringing up, and caring for, a disabled child or young person can and should be a positive and rewarding experience. It’s really important that families with a disabled child or young person are supported at an early stage to enable them to cope with the stresses and demands of their caring role, and to look...

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  • Brody’s story

    29th May 2019 by

    Families with disabled children often say that they’re not able to take full advantage of what Scotland has to offer because of worries they have about how accessible the places they want to go are for people with disabilities.  Read Brody and Laura’s story below to find out more.  My seven-year-old son Brody is an...

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  • Ross’s story

    10th May 2019 by

    This blog post is part of a series highlighting support available for disabled young people and their families. You can find out more in our guidance: Supporting disabled children, young people and their families. Ross is a young campaigner at the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS). He and other young campaigners have been working with...

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  • Lisa’s story

    3rd May 2019 by

    Lisa’s story shows how she, as a young disabled person, exercised the rights described in the Rights Awareness section of the Supporting Disabled Children, Young People and their families guidance to make a big life decision – something that’s had a really positive impact on her life. Hi, my name is Lisa. I have a...

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  • Tom’s story

    24th April 2019 by

    Caring for a child with exceptional health care needs is an intense and often stressful job, which can feel lonely at times. Tom's mum Laura tells their story.

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  • Social Innovation for Hidden Disabilities

    15th August 2017 by

    Many thanks Glyn Morris from Friendly Access who has provided our first guest blog: I have always said “we all know that whilst an impairment cannot necessarily be changed, the​ ​environment often can, making the environment the disabling factor”. It’s for this reason Friendly Access was established to holistically address and improve accessibility across Scotland, regardless...

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  • Our economy depends on diversity

    25th May 2017 by

    This article appeared in The Herald’s Agenda section on Tuesday, 22nd May I’m not sure if the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and I are ever going to cross paths – but if we do, then I’d like to thank him for the following quote he made in a speech last year at the World...

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