Fairer Scotland

  • 50/50 on public boards

    21st April 2017 by

    Guest blog from Hala Ousta, a recent apppointment to the sportscotland board which has now achieved 50/50 gender representation.

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  • 1,000 down, 1,000 to go

    28th March 2017 by

    1,000 people have now signed up for our Experience Panels - Social Security Minister Jeane Freeman encourages more to come forward

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  • UN World Day of Social Justice

    20th February 2017 by

    Angela Constance blogs on UN World Day of Social Justice, talking about the action being taken in Scotland.

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  • Remaining resolute in our message to refugees

    15th February 2017 by

    Scotland welcomes refugees. It’s a message that is part of our history. We opened our doors to refugees from Europe in the first and second world wars. Later we welcomed refugees from Vietnam, Bosnia, K osovo and the Democratic Republic of Congo. And in the past year and a half that message has particularly come...

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  • Being innovators in LGBT History Month

    1st February 2017 by

    We have strongly supported LGBT History Month for well over a decade now, and so it’s important we look back on the steps and achievements reached to get to where we are now.

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  • Fairer Scotland Action Plan Launched

    12th October 2016 by

    On Wednesday 5 October 2016 Angela Constance, Cabinet Secretary for Communities, Social Security and Equalities launched the Fairer Scotland Action Plan at the Princes Trust in Glasgow. The plan is a clear commitment to the people of Scotland that we are taking long term action to change our society and make it a fairer and...

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  • Dundee has a Fair Way to Go

    8th August 2016 by

    Why are things so unfair? That’s a hard question but it’s the one asked by Councillor Jimmy Black, the chair of the Dundee Fairness Commission, in our report, A Fair Way to Go. It has a whopping 56 recommendations – way more than anyone planned. But to understand how we ended up with so many...

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  • Work Experience in the Scottish Government

    28th June 2016 by

    A Work Experience Student from James Hamilton Academy, Kilmarnock writes about ‘life as a Civil Servant’ for a week. Why politics at 14? At the age of 14, the Scottish Independence Referendum had a major impact on my outlook on life and my goals. As a strong Yes supporter without a vote I was extremely...

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  • Denial of Dignity

    27th June 2016 by

    Definition The definition of dignity is self-respect and self-worth. The UN Declaration of Human Rights is clear that everyone has the right to dignity. For many people living on benefits, or in poverty dignity is all that they can lay claim to. But even this, is now being eroded, by welfare and disability reforms. Sanctions,...

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  • The story so far…

    27th June 2016 by

    Fairer Scotland Since June last year the Fairer Scotland conversation has been going strong throughout the country. People have had their say on how they perceive Scotland to be fairer and what has to change to help us all achieve that goal. We encourage people to continue this conversation during this difficult time following the...

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