Fairer Scotland

  • What does a Fairer Scotland mean?

    26th June 2015 by

    By Lynn Williams [SCVO]. Last week saw the launch of a public conversation about making Scotland a fairer and more equal nation. The timing is incredibly right. The prospect of more children facing real poverty; the rise of in-work hardship and mixed (and hardening) social attitudes towards many of our fellow citizens, present some very...

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  • What do you want?

    22nd June 2015 by

    By Robin McAlpine [Director, Common Weal]. “What do you want?”. It can be the jovial offer of help from a cheerful shopkeeper or the terse suggestion that you should probably go away as uttered by a harassed parent or a deep, existential question about your hopes for the future asked by a friend in the...

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  • Creating a fairer Scotland: Get involved!

    17th June 2015 by

    By Alex Neil [Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Communities & Pensioners’ Rights]. Scotland is a great country to live in and in recent years the quality of life for everyone has improved. But there is still more we can do to make it an even better place to live. So this morning I visited the Kirkshaws Neighbourhood...

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