Fairer Scotland

  • The safety net or the spider’s web?

    12th November 2015 by

    Hello Fairer Scotland! My name is Dane Thomson and I’m delighted to have been asked to write a guest blog for you today. My blog is going to be a no holds barred account of my short term experience of life on ‘benefits’. First – the back story. I’ve worked hard since I was 14....

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  • Uniformly unfair

    9th November 2015 by

    [vimeo 126248122 w=590 h=332] A personal story from Caroline Kennedy (commissioner, Poverty Truth Commission). Sending my sons back to school after the summer break was very stressful. In short, I wasn’t sure I could afford to send them back – due to the the cost of school uniforms. How it breaks down… I stay in...

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  • The Scottish Rural Fuel Poverty Task Force

    8th October 2015 by

    Di Alexander (Chair, Rural Fuel Poverty Task Force) I was recently appointed by Scottish Ministers as the independent chair of the new Scottish Rural Fuel Poverty Task Force. I very much welcome the Scottish Government’s Task Force initiative because far too many people living in rural and remote areas simply can’t afford to heat their...

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  • Tackling Child Poverty

    29th August 2015 by

    Hanna McCulloch (Policy and Parliamentary Officer, Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland). Everyone with an interest in child wellbeing has had their capacity for optimism sorely tested over the last few months. The UK government’s intention to abolish child poverty targets, cut tax credits and aim yet more swinging cuts at low income families have...

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  • The impact of welfare reform on Scottish women

    28th August 2015 by

    Welfare Reform measures are undoubtedly having an adverse impact on women. The Scottish Women’s Convention (SWC) has consulted with women the length and breadth of the country over the last few years on the issue of welfare reform, from the initial Bill stage right up to the way in which changes to the administration and...

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  • Scottish Welfare Fund: Case studies

    27th August 2015 by

    Today as part of our themed week on social security we focus on the Scottish Welfare Fund. The Scottish Welfare Fund which has been formalised by the Welfare Funds (Scotland) Act 2015, was the first substantive welfare reform act to be passed by the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Welfare Fund has been in operation since...

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  • Increased benefits equals cosier homes

    26th August 2015 by

    The Regulated Social Fund includes several types of payment. One of these is Cold Weather Payment, a payment for individuals on certain benefits when the temperature is either recorded as, or forecast to be, an average of zero degrees Celsius or below over seven consecutive days. In Scotland we recognise that it is low incomes...

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  • Social Fund Funeral Payment- a personal perspective

    26th August 2015 by

    Anonymous Contributor (Male, Glasgow, 45-59, Scottish, Married, Children in Household, Housing Association Renter, Unable to work – long term illness, Disabled). The Regulated Social Fund includes several types of payment. One of these is Funeral Payment, for individuals on low income and needing help to pay for a funeral they are arranging. This post tells...

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  • From Social Security to Social Justice

    24th August 2015 by

    Peter Kelly (Director, The Poverty Alliance). What does social justice mean to you? It may be about living in a country where you know that thousands of people do not have to rely on food banks to make sure they have enough to eat. Or where people have access to paid employment that not only...

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