Fairer Scotland

Facilitation pack

We want as many people as possible to join the conversation that is already happening about the kind of Scotland we want to see in the future so we’ve provided some resources to help get you started.

Want to start or host a conversation on how we create a fairer Scotland? If so, you may want some more information about the Scotland we live in today and how we have got here?

We have produced some background materials that will help you get talking about the kind of Scotland that we want to see in the future. We also provide some grant support for hosting Fairer Scotland events [see below]:

The covering letter gives more detail about how to use these resources to start a conversation.

The slide pack contains some more statistics about inequalities in Scotland.
The “Our Story” poster helps you to explore what lies behind current events in order to help you think about what we could do in the future.

View a ‘zoomable version’ on Prezi: https://prezi.com/djaxojqyaraz/our-story/

Inclusion Scotland have prepared an easy read version of the Discussion Paper, which can be downloaded here:

Easy Read Version

A Fairer Scotland card game – ‘What matters to me
Why not try your hand at our Fairer Scotland card game? The game has proven popular at several events, and is a good way to help generate ideas and suggestions.

Whether you’re a community group, an enterprising third sector organisation or an individual you can get a copy of the game by emailing the Scottish Community Alliance.

Fairer Scotland card game

Why not try your hand at our Fairer Scotland card game?

Fairer Scotland Engagement Fund
The Scottish Government’s Fairer Scotland Engagement Fund provides grants of up to £300 (or exceptionally up to £500 for a larger event) to small voluntary organisations and community groups in Scotland to help them run an event or engagement activity with a group of five or more people to gather their thoughts on creating a Fairer Scotland and what matters to them.

We intend to add to these resources as the conversation progresses. If you have a resource you would like to add to this resources page, or you would like help and support with these resources or a hard copy of the facilitation pack, please get in contact with us using this form: