Fairer Scotland

  • Uniformly unfair

    9th November 2015 by

    [vimeo 126248122 w=590 h=332] A personal story from Caroline Kennedy (commissioner, Poverty Truth Commission). Sending my sons back to school after the summer break was very stressful. In short, I wasn’t sure I could afford to send them back – due to the the cost of school uniforms. How it breaks down… I stay in...

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  • Our Fairer Scotland Planning Event – Inverness

    30th October 2015 by

    On Wednesday 7th October a group of 24 people from the local area joined Scottish Government staff at the Inverness Leisure Centre for our second Fairer Scotland Planning Event. The goal? To discuss and scrutinise ways in which they could plan together to create a Fairer Scotland by 2030. #fairerscotland – the story so far...

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  • A life worth living?

    22nd October 2015 by

    June Vallance (Executive Manager, Getting Better Together Ltd.) Up until last year I have been an unpaid carer, some 40 years in total. Being a glutton for punishment I’m now currently working in the Third Sector as a project coordinator for the older people service. In that time, I’ve seen my fair share of changes...

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  • Our Fairer Scotland Planning Event – Kilmarnock

    19th October 2015 by

    On Wednesday 29th September a group of 35 people from the local area joined Scottish Government staff at The Grand Hall, Kilmarnock, to discuss and scrutinise ways in which they could plan together to create a Fairer Scotland by 2030. #fairerscotland – the story so far The Fairer Scotland discussion – launched in July –...

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  • The Scottish Rural Fuel Poverty Task Force

    8th October 2015 by

    Di Alexander (Chair, Rural Fuel Poverty Task Force) I was recently appointed by Scottish Ministers as the independent chair of the new Scottish Rural Fuel Poverty Task Force. I very much welcome the Scottish Government’s Task Force initiative because far too many people living in rural and remote areas simply can’t afford to heat their...

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  • A Fairer and more prosperous place *to live*

    30th September 2015 by

    Vonnie Sandlan (President of the National Union of Students, Scotland) Let us start from a basic position – one we’d hope everyone could agree on – access to safe, affordable, and quality housing is a basic human right. This being the case, then it’s clear we could do much more to ensure a fairer Scotland....

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  • Learning from the Children and Young People Summit, Oban

    23rd September 2015 by

    Pam Semple (Policy Analyst, Scottish Government). On 24th August 2015, over 100 children and young people from primary and secondary schools across Scotland came together in Oban to discuss their views on educational attainment, rural challenges, participation and children’s rights in A Fairer Scotland. The feedback from this Children and Young People’s Summit was informative....

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  • Employability – Dawn’s story…

    22nd September 2015 by

    Dawn Having read some of the posts on the Fairer Scotland blog – particularly those focusing on employability – it made me think about my own journey. I just wanted to share my story and some of my concerns about the employability discussion. I stopped work in the hospitality trade in 2000 after having a...

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  • We are listening…

    22nd September 2015 by

    Well, the Fairer Scotland campaign is well and truly underway! It’s been a dynamic conversation thus far, and the feedback from the past few months as to what you believe would help create a fairer, more prosperous Scotland by 2030 has been illuminating. Thick and fast There are various ways to have your say on...

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  • What’s Your Story?

    18th September 2015 by

    Nicole Brandon, Young Writers Co-ordinator (Scottish Book Trust). “What’s your story?” – How often do we ask this of our teens in Scotland? We clearly care that they’re able to respond politically to this question, but what about creatively? What are their imagined worlds and their real-life tales? If they could tell any story, in...

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