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  • Two child benefit limit should be scrapped

    1st August 2019 by

    The two-child benefit limit implemented by the UK Government should be scrapped. The latest statistics released on the number of people affected by the cap on Child Tax Credits and the Child Element of Universal Credit is sad reading. Behind every number is a family denied and a child that has not received support they…

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  • Consultation on ending Child Poverty

    8th August 2016 by

    Key dates – Monday 8 August to Friday 30 September This consultation sets our proposals for a Child Poverty Bill for Scotland that will: Enshrine in legislation the Scottish Government’s ambition to eradicate child poverty. Place a duty on Scottish Ministers to publish a Child Poverty Delivery Plan every 5 years, and to report on…

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  • Tackling Child Poverty

    29th August 2015 by

    Hanna McCulloch (Policy and Parliamentary Officer, Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland). Everyone with an interest in child wellbeing has had their capacity for optimism sorely tested over the last few months. The UK government’s intention to abolish child poverty targets, cut tax credits and aim yet more swinging cuts at low income families have…

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