Housing and Social Justice

  • Changing lives and transforming communities: Five years of Warmer Homes Scotland

    22nd October 2020 by

    When the Warmer Homes Scotland scheme was launched in September 2015, the ambitions of the Scottish Government were very clear; we wanted to reduce fuel poverty across Scotland by making homes more affordable to heat, reduce carbon emissions, offer value for money and ensure that local communities across Scotland benefitted from the scheme’s delivery. So...

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  • Homelessness progress update: spring 2019

    30th April 2019 by

    THE FIVE-YEAR Ending Homelessness Together Action Plan sets out how national and local government, with third sector partners are working to prevent homelessness and address people’s needs quickly when homelessness does happen. It is backed by a £50 million Ending Homelessness Together Fund to support change on the ground so that people get the right...

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  • Homelessness: a progress update

    7th November 2018 by

    An update from the Housing and Social Justice Homelessness Team On behalf of the Homelessness Prevention and Strategy Group, the Scottish Government will publish a high-level Ending Homelessness Together Action Plan before the end of 2018. This will set out how we will enact the recommendations made by the Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Group earlier...

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  • Everyone needs a safe place they can call home – Kevin Stewart, Housing Minister

    4th July 2018 by

    Having a home is more than just about bricks and mortar, it’s about having roots and a sense of belonging. It is unacceptable that anyone in a country like Scotland should find themselves homeless and I believe everyone needs a safe place they can call home. Everybody found to be homeless in Scotland is entitled...

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  • GDPR  – a change to data protection law

    24th May 2018 by

    The General Data Protection Regulations comes into force on May 25, 2018, giving individuals more control over their personal data, and ensuring that organisations collect and process that information properly and securely. To find out more about GDPR, visit the Information Commissioner’s website.

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  • The journey: our energy efficient route map

    11th May 2018 by

    9 AM, Glasgow It’s 2 May, the morning of the All-Energy conference in Glasgow. The hall is buzzing with excitement as the First Minister steps up to address the crowd of over 6,000. The big announcement is the launch of the Scottish Government’s Route Map to an Energy Efficient Scotland. It outlines Scotland’s ambitious and...

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  • Private Residential Tenancies: what it means for landlords

    25th October 2017 by

    A few days ago we blogged about the changes coming to private renting. From December 1, every new private tenancy will be a private residential tenancy. We told you about the benefits to tenants, but we worked with landlords and other representative bodies to make sure we took their interests into account when we developed...

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  • What the private residential tenancy means for tenants

    20th October 2017 by

    Big changes to private renting are on the way. At the moment most private tenancies in Scotland are either short assured or assured tenancies. But from December 1, every new one will be a private residential tenancy. That’s good news for tenants, as you’ll benefit in three main ways. First, new tenancies will be more...

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  • The hub of our delivery

    27th September 2017 by

    We have a target of delivering 50,000 affordable homes in Scotland during the lifetime of this Parliament. That’s ambitious. Nowhere more so than in The Highland Council area, given its complex and demanding geography. Here the challenge is to approve 500-600 homes a year across 40 to 50 individual projects in an area bigger than...

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