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Alina Burnete – Senior Nurse, NHS Grampian

Two and a half years ago, Alina Burnete was working as a nurse in Italy and thinking about a change. Originally from Romania, she had lived in Italy for 15 years, nursing for the latter 10, and when she saw an online recruitment ad for nurses in Scotland, her interest was immediately piqued.

Alina, 37, moved to Aberdeen where she now works for NHS Grampian as a senior nurse in the neurology department. She spends her days in the Planned Investigation Unit, where she administers treatments to several patients per day. Speaking about her job, Alina says: “I love nursing and I’m happy that I can continue my profession in Scotland. I run the unit, mostly on my own, and my patients’ treatments generally last a few hours, so I get to know them well. There is a shortage of nurses here and while this is a problem and I wish we were able to recruit more, I’m so thankful I saw the ad and was given the opportunity to move to this wonderful country.”

Alina is able to help patients in Scotland because European Single Market members mutually recognise qualifications from each other’s countries – which means that doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives and pharmacists from across the EU can work for our NHS in Scotland.

Alina loves being outdoors and has spent the last two years exploring as much of Scotland as possible. She lives in the countryside and spends a lot of time walking her dogs in the area. She and her partner, a doctor in Aberdeen who is also from Romania, love visiting castles, going to ceilidhs, and have made attending the Highland Games an annual tradition.

Commenting on her time in Scotland, Alina said: “When I first moved here, it was the end of February and there were several nights that the Aurora Borealis was visible. I had never seen anything like it and felt like it was a dream! I also found that the city was so quiet, especially compared to my previous home, where there are always car horns beeping. People were so kind and warm and I felt very welcome and accepted immediately.

“Scotland is my forever home and I’m very happy to be here.”NHS Scotland 70th Anniversary Logo

As we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS, the Scottish Government is clear that Scotland’s health workforce benefits enormously from the contribution made by staff from across the EU. We want to be able to keep the staff we already have here, and recruit others that we need from EU countries. That’s why staying in the Single Market and Customs Union is important for Scotland – because we need more people like Alina to make Scotland their home.

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  • EWA ZBROJA says:

    I’m worked with Alina in Aberdeen. Because I still don’t have PIN number I back home Poland and looking forward to get PIN and back Aberdeen. I wery enjoy Scotland. Beautiful cantry and friendly people.

  • Peter A Bell says:

    This is the kind of Scotland I aspire to. This is the kind of Scotland I want to live in. This is the kind of Scotland I hope to bequeath to future generations.

    This Scotland, and all it might become, is under severe and imminent threat. The immediate aim of the ‘One Nation’ British Nationalist project is nothing less than the complete eradication of Scotland’s distinctive culture. The culture which allows us to welcome people like Alina Burnete and be entirely comfortable with her being part of our nation.

    Being Scottish is not a matter of common heritage, but of shared commitment.

    Anyone who values Scotland’s distinctiveness and shares a commitment to building a better, fairer, more prosperous country is entitled to call Scotland their “forever home”.

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