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Guest blog – A fresh look at sharing digital evidence

March 10, 2016 by No Comments | Category Justice

Andrew Birchall

Andrew Birchall

I have been brought into the expanding team in the Digital Directorate to help out with initial investigations into information sharing across Government, and as part of this creating a Digital Evidence and Information Vault for use by the many different agencies and organisations involved in the Scottish justice system.

Working in partnership with the Justice Directorate team, I will be looking at the premise that a vault will not only speed up the court process, but also make it easier to use and cheaper. Getting to the bottom of this will mean talking to many people about the volumes and types of evidence needed, where it is generated and who uses it. We also need to look at costs and benefits, so that we can develop the priorities and a ‘business plan’ for the next stage of the work – full discovery.

It is clear even from my first week that there is an appetite and enthusiasm from the people I have met to get this right and to be involved in the project. In my experience with successful digital transformation projects this willingness to consider change to existing ways of doing things is very important, often more important than the bit of technology chosen to do the job. As always it is the human interventions, ideas and willingness to work as a team that really count when making change!

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