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Maths Week Scotland – Feeding the Horses

September 13, 2018 by 5 Comments | Category Education

Here is the puzzle for day four of Maths Week Scotland 2018. I hope you’re enjoying working on these, either alone or with friends or family members. Good Luck!

Feeding the Horses

During a very hard winter, Beth had only enough hay and corn to feed her six horses for another 30 days, and it would be another 75 days before spring would arrive. On the seventh day, before feeding time, she sold four of her horses.

Was she able to feed her remaining two horses for the rest of the winter?

Explain your reasoning.

Solution to: Feeding the Horses

Answer: Yes

When Beth sold the horses, 69 days of winter remained and she had enough hay and corn to feed 6 horses for another 24 days. She could feed the remaining 2 horses for 24×3=72 days. So there was sufficient food.

Alternatively, at the start, Beth had 6×30=180 portions of horse food.
She used 6×6=36 portions whilst she still has 6 horses, so had 144 portions left.
With 69 days to go and 2 horses to feed, she needed 138 portions. So the food proved sufficient.

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  • Miss Bell says:

    Primary 5 @hareleeshillprimaryschool think the answer is Yes. 6×30= 180 portions
    6×6= 36 fed 180-36= 154 portions
    And half of 154 = 77 days worth of food

  • Callum says:

    Beth used 6 days feed supply, leaving 24 days supply for 6 horses. This equates to 144 (6 x 24)portions of feed.
    There are 69 days till spring, with 2 portions of feed required each day, this equates to 138 portions of feed.
    Beth will have 6 portions of feed left over, so maybe should have held on to one of the horses for another 6 days!

  • Jen says:

    She has enough for 6 horses for 30 days = 180 portions.
    6 days with 6 horses, plus 69 with 2 horses equals 174 portions.

    So yes. Beth would be able to feed her horses all winter.

  • Mrs Bear says:

    Primary 6 @ Chatelherault Primary
    We think Beth can feed her remaining 2 horses because she has 144 days of feed left and she only needs 138 feeds.

  • Eddie says:

    Yes she could
    she had 6×30=180 days of feed left
    minus the 6×6=36 days of feed already given to them
    This leaves 144 days of feed

    there are 75-6=69 days left till spring
    so Beth will need 69×2=138 days of feed for the two horse left

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