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Deputy First Minister’s Holiday Maths Challenge – Christmas 2018 solutions

January 4, 2019 by 10 Comments | Category Education, Games, Maths

We hope you enjoyed the Deputy First Minster’s Christmas Maths Challenge – the solutions are below. Let us know how you got on with this year’s puzzles!

Christmas Challenge 2018 Solutions


  • Vicky says:

    What was the solution to the 20 Presents to be divided up into 5 Santa sacks with each having equal weight? It was the first question on original challenge.

  • Hannah Macleod says:

    The answer to the pyramid question (the final one – how many crackers are required) is 7 boxes with 6 left over, as the pyramid adds up to 78, not 66.

  • Ben F says:

    The solution to Puzzle 4 – Santa and the Twelve Elves in the ‘Deputy First Minister’s Maths Christmas Holiday Challenge 2018’ may contain an error. My son Jack worked out the total number of crackers required to be 78 therefore 7 boxes rather than 66 crackers and 6 boxes. Can you confirm if there is indeed and error in the solution or if he is incorrect? Thanks

  • Kirsty's Dad says:

    In the cracker question:
    should read:

    So answer is 7 boxes with 6 left over

  • SkiwiJo says:

    Are the answers to puzzle 3 and 4 correct?

    For number 3 the question was how many MORE houses are required which would be 420 minus the existing 90 so the answer 330.

    And for number 4 the total number of crackers is 78 so 7 boxes of crackers with 6 left over.

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