Making Maths Count

About us

Making Maths Count is an initiative which aims to encourage greater enthusiasm for and increase participation in maths.

As part of this work, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning Angela Constance has brought together a group of experts spanning the fields of industry, academia and science, tasked with understanding the negative perceptions which exist around maths and making recommendations on how to address these.

Over the coming months the group will be engaging with the public online and at a series of focus groups, to  inform the recommendations it will make to the Scottish Government in the summer.

This blog will keep you updated on the group’s work and showcase how  people from across Scotland and elsewhere are making  maths count in their lives and work.

Further details on the membership of the group and its meetings can be found at


  • Wendy Gallacher says:

    MC² Day (Mount Cameron Maths Challenges)

    We organised a whole school event with a variety of different workshops running for approximately 45 minutes. We had STEM challenges involving money, outdoor orienteering with maths challenge cards at each station, scavenger hunts involving maths, P.E. lessons including maths (fractions, percentages, time, distance, speed as well as addition and measure activities), Kapla designs, ICT and iPad maths games challenges and lots more. We also organised a home school maths challenge problem for each stage across the whole school and tracked our mile a day through the use of pictograms, block graphs and using Google Earth to plot how far we had walked in a week. The children were all engaged and there was a fantastic buzz around the whole school. I’m more than willing to share any of my plans, timetables etc if any other school would like to organise a similar event 🙂