Making Maths Count

  • Gingerbread, weather and cricket – it’s all in the maths!

    16th February 2016 by

    Heather presenting the weather for BBC Scotland

    A gingerbread Coliseum, the weather and cricket. What’s the link? As Heather Reid, former BBC Scotland weather forecaster and a member of our Making Maths Count group explains, it’s maths. I’ve always liked maths and working with numbers. I think I made the link between maths and science fairly early on and found it so...

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  • Let’s talk about maths

    15th February 2016 by

    Welcome to the Making Maths Count blog. We’re a group of individuals brought together from the fields of education, business and science, to share our passion for maths and to help everyone understand why having good everyday maths skills is important – whatever your age, interests or career aspirations. The initiative was established by the...

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