Making Maths Count

  • Maths making it beautiful

    7th June 2016 by

    Anne Walker, a Jewellery Designer and Architect, talks us through some of the maths involved in realising her creative ideas. I always liked the problem-solving and the puzzle element of maths. Although maths and design may appear very different on paper they’re both about problem-solving. It doesn’t make sense to say that people are either…

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  • Maths in the kitchen – Flora shares a pie for Pi day

    14th March 2016 by

    It’s Pi Day – largely celebrated in the US where they have a different style for writing the date, but their way does make today the lovely 3.14. In celebration, Flora Shedden from The Great British Bake Off has joined with Making Maths Count to share her enthusiasm for maths – and to mark the day she’s also created us…

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