Marine Scotland

  • Scotia gear trials survey – development of new international bottom trawl

    9th December 2019 by

    A team of scientists and gear technologists from Scotland, Ireland and the Netherlands are undertaking trials aboard MRV Scotia to develop a replacement demersal survey trawl for internationally coordinated (ICES) bottom trawl surveys. The new trawl is being developed to replace the existing gear (GOV trawl) which has been used for the International Bottom Trawl…

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  • Getting to the Bottom of things

    23rd January 2018 by

    Duration: 23 January – 12 February 2018 Fishing Gear: GOV Trawl (BT 137) with ground gear A & B MIK Net (Round Frame with IK depressor) MIKeyM net (attached onto the MIK net on selected stations) Objectives: To complete an internationally coordinated demersal trawling survey in the North Sea in ICES area IV. To undertake…

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  • Testing the water with an International Bottom Trawl Survey

    13th November 2017 by

    Duration: 13 November – 3 December 2017 Fishing Gear: GOV Trawl (BT137) and ground gear D (hoppers) Objectives: To participate in the ICES co-ordinated western division demersal trawling survey. To obtain temperature and salinity data profiles at each trawling position. To collect additional biological data in connection with the EU data collection framework (DCF). Procedures:…

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