Marine Scotland

  • Keeping track at Armadale: Last update from the tracking project

    29th August 2017 by

    The tagging at Armadale ended on 25 August with no further salmon tagged over the last 12 days. This suggested to us that the grilse run had finished. We will recover and download the receivers in due course, to see how many of and where the tagged fish were registered and a project report should be…

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  • Keeping track at Armadale: Update three from the tracking project

    15th August 2017 by

    As at 13 August, we have tagged around 70 salmon. A later run of grilse, as hoped, has therefore not yet materialised. We are reviewing the situation to decide whether we could and should continue beyond our planned end date of 25 August. Further Information Keeping track at Armadale: Update two from the tracking project…

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  • Keeping track at Armadale: Update two from the tracking project

    3rd August 2017 by

    Tagging continues in Armadale and the 1st of August heralded our highest daily tagging volume to date, with 17 salmon tagged. After 26 operational days we have now tagged over 60 salmon. We hope that we may benefit from a late grilse run, allowing us to get much nearer our 750 tagging target. Further Information…

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  • Keeping track at Armadale: Update one from the tracking project

    21st July 2017 by

    You might remember that at the beginning of July, we told you about a new salmon tracking project that was happening in the north of Scotland. Tagging started on 7 July and by 14th July,  we had tagged 36 grilse. tagging will continue in to Autumn-time and we will keep you updated with progress. Further Information Information…

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  • Can you help us keep track?

    6th July 2017 by

    Marine Scotland is tracking salmon from  uly 2017 and would like your help! Atlantic salmon can migrate thousands of miles –  from home rivers to high seas feeding grounds, and back to spawn – but how they find their home river remains a mystery. A number of historic tagging studies have shown that fish captured in…

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