Marine Scotland

  • Rockall and Mackerel

    28th May 2018 by

    Survey: 0118H MFV Altaire Duration: 22 May – 6 June 2018 Fishing/Sampling Gear: Gulf VII plankton sampler Objectives: To carry out standalone mackerel egg survey, on the western shelf and slope in the area from 52o N to 59o N (see Figure 1). Opportunistic trawling for adult mackerel samples; for exploratory ovary analysis. Procedures: After…

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  • How the HoTRiverS Project is helping us to understand and protect Scotland’s rivers

    17th April 2018 by

    One of the ways in which climate change is likely to impact Scotland’s rivers is through an increase in water temperature, particularly during summer months. Stream temperature is of great importance to the growth and survival of a range of iconic fish species like Atlantic salmon and Brown trout, which are relatively intolerant of high…

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  • The Scotland River Temperature Monitoring Network

    17th April 2015 by

    Water temperature (Tw) is of critical importance to aquatic ecosystems and particularly to the growth and survival of freshwater fish. Consequently, there are concerns over rising and more extreme temperatures. Currently, there are limited long-term, quality controlled Tw data available in Scotland. In recognition of this gap in knowledge and capacity, the Coordinated Agenda for…

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