If it’s not far leave the car!

June 6, 2014 by 2 Comments | Category Greener, Our work

Dan Gilmore – Strategic Marketing Manager – Greener @happygilmore70

Active Travel is a subject close to my heart. I cycle when and where I can, including the daily commute. So when the opportunity came along to work on this campaign I grabbed it with both handlebars. The campaign aims to get people to be less reliant on our cars. Backed up by research and insight, the messaging is built around the benefits to people’s health, wellbeing and the environment.

We shot the TV ad at the end of March last year. When you look at the TV advert, you would be forgiven for thinking we filmed it on a sunny spring day, however as the photograph shows it was actually filmed under a blanket of snow! I’m not sure why we were surprised, as a cyclist I know that the Scottish weather is definitely unpredictable! Thanks to the hard work of the production crew and the wizardry of the post-production editors the final cut looks remarkably summery.

Did you know that one in three car journeys in Scotland are under two miles so there’s really no excuse.

So, as our ad says, listen to your legs, they don’t want to drive they want to walk. You will feel better for it and we will all be better as a result.

Remember, if it’s not far, leave the car.

Gwen Hamilton – Senior Marketing Manager – Greener @GwenHamilton

When living in a city like Edinburgh, well known for its hills and howling wind, you wouldn’t think getting around by bike would be anyone’s first choice – but it’s mine in every season for so many reasons.

It’s the quickest way to get round the city. Getting to work takes me half the time than either the bus or car would – and I love cycling through the Meadows.

I arrive at work feeling energised, okay slightly sweaty, having had time to think about the day ahead. Going home, as I live in the highest part of Edinburgh, I will admit to being positively glowing, but also smug in the knowledge that I’ve fitted in a good work-out to my day as part of my commute.

And it doesn’t rain nearly as much as you think in Scotland, and when it does, always remember “you can only get wet once”. I’m happy knowing I’m doing my bit to help the environment by not using my car. And, big drum roll, it’s free once you have your bike and helmet – all you lose are calories.

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  • Chris says:

    It’s a solid commercial. Hopefully this will hit home the message and ultimately ease up congestion.

  • Could not be more in favour of this campaign. I think it’s become too second-nature to jump in a car when a 15-minute walk or short bike ride would suffice to get to the local shop or post office.

    When I lived in Sheffield, I never needed a car. I would only ride my bike and walk (brutal as the hills are over there), as city centre living almost never requires having a car in my eyes.

    *Eco-warrior high-five!*

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