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September 26, 2014 by No Comments | Category Greener

Bag lady Debbie Smith trumpets about SG marketing’s latest campaign.

Welcome back Ernie, we hadn’t forgotten you!

This week we launched a campaign to inform the public that from October 20, 2014 all retailers in Scotland will charge a mandatory fee of at least 5p for each new paper or plastic carrier bag used  when shopping.

Now I’ve been known to arrive at the supermarket without the shopping list I’ve just written let alone remembering to take bags with me, so the brief was close to my heart. Our campaign aims to remind everyone that the charge is coming into effect and encourage them to remember to take their own bags with them when shopping and save at least 5p.

I did a rough calculation that I would probably use about 8 bags per week, not including clothes shops…so that’s about £26 per year.  Not a massive amount of money, but better in my pocket than not!

The charge applies everywhere – supermarkets and corner shops to takeaways and clothes shops. It aims to reduce the number of bags that become litter, which blights Scotland’s natural and built environment.  Scots use an estimated 800m new single use shopping bags a year which is more per head than the rest of the UK and litter pickers are picking up an estimated 7.4 million bags a year. Plastic bags in particular are made from non-sustainable means, such as oil and carbons, and are harmful to animals; marine litter kills an estimated million seabirds and 100,000 animals a year globally.

The campaign will run until October 31 and includes radio and press advertising as well as PR, social media and partnerships activity.

How do you remember to take your bags to the shops? Share your hints and tips at :



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