Halloween horror story – A spooky tale of monsters, ghosts and a terrifying journey through the night*

October 29, 2014 by No Comments | Category Education

From the moment she entered the room Nicola could sense an unearthly presence that chilled her to the bone. Ghosts of the past inhabited the space, and she knew that no good could come of this night. In the distance a wolf howled, and the velvet drapes swayed eerily, although outside the night was perfectly black and still.

She was aware of something moving behind her, something with ragged breathing and its heavy tread echoed on the bare floorboards. She froze in terror, but forced herself to turn her head, slowly, slowly to gaze upon the apparition.

She screamed.

big green monsterThe Creature, for that’s what it was, was dressed from top to toe in a nylon Frankenstein’s Creature** costume and school gym shoes, with poorly applied green makeup and fake scars. It was sweating profusely, carrying an enormous bag of sweets and clearly experiencing the after effects of two cans of Coke. It was her eight-year-old son at the end of the school Halloween disco.

It was terrifying. It was exhausted. It needed its bed.

So, if you’d like your Halloween to be much more of a treat, why not check out all the brilliant spooky suggestions from PlayTalkRead this month? You can even make your own Frankenstein’s Creature, and it won’t spend all your money on fizzy juice and lollies.

* To Asda the day before to purchase said costume.

** I know I’m being pedantic, but Frankenstein is the mad scientist, and the big green monster with bolts through his neck is The Creature. I’m not called @OxfordCommaFan for nothing you know.



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