The greatest gift of all. A slanket? Really? Socks? You shouldn’t have!

December 22, 2014 by No Comments | Category Education

One of my favourite things at Christmas is settling down to watch ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’. I love a good old cry when George’s family and friends help him save Bedford Falls Savings and Loan, giving him the perfect Christmas present. In contrast, without sounding ungrateful, my granny was legendary for giving the best worst presents ever. From a car cleaning kit shaped like the Trotters’ van from ‘Only Fools and Horses’ (so bad it was good) to presenting my mum, auntie and me with matching green satin nightdresses and negligees, Granny had a gift for the terrible gift.

I wondered if it was just me. It wasn’t. I discovered that my colleagues had received some equally good bad presents over the years. From Sheena’s green velvet cushions received at the age of eight, to Joe’s green tie-dyed surfer jumper to (my personal favourite) Tim’s windscreen wipers and tax disc holder (wouldn’t be first on my list), Marketing has unwrapped some corkers on Christmas Day too. I was also tickled by Clare’s cardigown (is that comparable to a coatigan, similar to a slanket?), Nic’s silver jam spoon and imagining Nat’s face when she ripped off the sticky tape to find a Rolodex. That’s Rolodex not Rolex.

All of those stories pale into insignificance compare to my friend Richard’s. Failing to heed his parents’ warning that Santa didn’t come to naughty boys, on Christmas morning he awoke to a gloriously stuffed stocking. His stocking was full to the brim…with coal. Needless to say he was never naughty again, and he wins the prize for the best worst present I know.

It’s all too easy to get carried away at this time of year, when really the best present is one that’s meaningful, that someone has spent time choosing or making just for you. I still use the stocking my dad made for me when I was little, so if you’re looking for some low cost, easy Christmassy ideas to do with your wee ones, why not make PlayTalkRead top of your list? There’s a deliciously easy fruit candy cane, funky reindeer feet and homemade decorations you can keep for years to come.

And not a lump of coal in sight!

PS Has anyone noticed that green is a running theme here? Remember, just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean a gift needs to be holly coloured.



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