It’s not simple, it’s stupidly simple

June 15, 2015 by No Comments | Category Greener

What do you get if you cross an award winning stand-up comedian, the Director of Still Game, creative talent from an advertising agency, a plethora of experts and climate change?

Unfortunately, it is not an amusing punch line to kick off this blog post.

The answer is stupidly simple.

It is Stupidly Simple.

But what is Stupidly Simple I hear you ask?

It’s about answering the why, what and how of making Scotland a greener place to live and helping the country achieve emissions reduction targets. However, rather than just do this through the written word or recording interviews with our experts at their desks, we turned to the talents of Phil Kay, Michael Hines and the Leith Agency to create something which gets to the heart of the subject matter but in a way that finds the right balance between being informative and entertaining.

The result is a series of five short films which are being released on a weekly basis during May and June. Each film explores a different topic: why be greener; travel; food; reduce/reuse/recycle; home energy.

So if you are looking for a good introduction into why it is important we all make our lives greener, what needs to be done and how you can do it, the answers you seek are within Stupidly Simple.

Episode 1 – Why Be Greener

Episode 2- Travel

Episode 3 – Food

From the 23 June you can binge watch the entire series of Stupidly Simple the Greener Scotland blog, click the link.

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