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A freezing June night saw this year’s Marketing Society Star Awards hosted in Glasgow’s Science Centre. Inside the venue looking out over the water, Glasgow looked very much a city that had grown comfortable in its own skin. A mix of old and new architecture reflecting its colourful past and vibrant present.

Why am I being nice about Glasgow?

Because it’s changed, both its image and natural swagger have become softer, more humorous, inviting. And this change in image, re-brand if you will, has many contributing factors. At the centre of things though, making the most of every opportunity that his city gets, is the talented Tom Rice, Head of Marketing Communications at Glasgow City Marketing Bureau (@peoplemakeGLA). Deserving winner of Marketing Star of the Year 2015. Hats off to him.

And for @ScoGovMarketing? Well, not a bad haul!

Gold for our Bowel Screening advertising, work which encouraged an additional 51,000 returns of the bowel screening kits and likely detection of 70 bowel cancers at early stages, when most treatable.

Gold for our Greener Home Energy Scotland direct marketing work which generated over 7,000 responses from those looking to apply for energy saving schemes. Collectively, the campaign could have put as much as £1,081,773 back in the pockets of some of the poorest households in Scotland. Savings that will go on for many years in homes that are now warm and energy efficient.

Gold for our Litter campaign to explain the increased fine for littering and encourage behaviour change amongst the 16-24 year olds. Carat played a blinder with us on this campaign, truly innovative media buying that worked perfectly with the creative.

A clutch of silver and bronze awards too meant the trip along the M8 was well worth it. I’m very proud of our team and a massive thanks to our colleagues in Policy who trust us to be bold and creative and to deliver on objectives. And we couldn’t do all that without the support of our agencies and stakeholders and partners. So while the awards might live in St Andrew’s House – it’s a massive team effort and I’m proud and privileged to be at the heart of that.

Marketing Planning

BRONZE for Litter – ‘Dirty Little Secret’.

SILVER for Second hand smoke – ‘Take it right outside’.


BRONZE – Scotland’s Winter Festivals – ‘A season to celebrate Scotland’.


GOLD – Bowel Screening – ‘Don’t take a chance, take a test’.

Direct Marketing

SILVER – Organ Donation – ‘Greatest Share’.

GOLD – Greener – Home Energy Scotland.


GOLD – Litter – ‘Dirty Little Secret’.


BRONZE – Detect Cancer Early.

Public sector

SILVER – Drink Drive – ‘The Best approach is none’.


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