Do people think I’m weird?

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Every now and then in marketing, a piece of consumer research comes back that shocks you. That’s exactly how I felt when I saw our study on attitudes and behaviour around climate change. On the whole people see green as extreme, hippy and weird. They certainly don’t want to be green.

Really? I’m a bit green. I’d always thought it was a good thing. Aspiring to outdoorsy staycations on Skye, kitschy second hand crockery and all that stuff.  Do people think I’m weird? I might turn up to work with my coffee in a KeepCup – but am I really on the fringes of society? Well it’s natural for human beings to pigeonhole things. We have to do that just to get by, and we spend a lot more time making our daily decisions on autopilot than we might realise. But this perception, this ingrained cognitive bias against greenos, is something I’ve been largely unaware of all this time – that the good people I sweep past on the stairs as I sprint to my desk dishevelled from the cycle commute think I’m some kind of lycra clad, tree hugging freak.

Maybe it’s all about perspective. Within the spectrum of human experience, you assume your own position to be bang in the centre of everything around you, and there are lesser greens and greater greens than yourself. If you walk to work, there’s always going to be someone else who’s traded their car in wholesale. If you’ve turned the thermostat down, of course, someone else has bought a solar panelled eco villa in a wood.

Nevertheless, the plain truth is that ‘being green’ is getting pigeonholed daily by people with entrenched notions that stem from the bounded realities that we all need to make it through our days.

Whatever our place in the green spectrum, most of our own dear friends, family and colleagues in Scotland think ‘normal’ green is doing a bit of recycling, and that’s it. Stop there. You’re either with ‘em or you’re better off living in a tree…

This idea of green extremes – and the ‘all or nothing’ mentality that comes along with it is one of the things we’re trying to get away from with our brand new campaign to help Scotland fight Climate Change.

Moving away from green stereotypes we want to kick the issues – and the responsibility and desire to do more than just recycle – firmly into the mainstream. And what’s more mainstream than a classic action movie? Who doesn’t love a bit of kick-ass world saving?

Well take a look. We hope you like it. Do you still think green is extreme?

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