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Attend most presentations about social media or content marketing and many speakers will cover the importance of capturing the moment and being agile in your approach to marketing. At an event last week all the examples quoted to demonstrate this thinking looked at a product or service. Behaviour change examples were missing and it was described as “the tough one to crack”.

However, this doesn’t mean the power of the moment cannot be used. So I decided to share this example.

Ready for Winter is a Scottish Government campaign that was approaching its fifth year. Each year it was becoming harder to motivate the Scottish public to take action. Our 2014 campaign coincided with the warmest November in history. Not a great moment to be talking about getting ready for winter.

So rather than try to fight the moment, we decided to embrace it.

Through looking at each of the potential scenarios we were able to plan ahead to create a toolbox of marketing campaigns which could be active within hours of the Met Office issuing a weather warning. We created the marketing equivalent of the Swiss army knife.

The 2015 campaign was active on paid for media for nine days (rather than the 28 we had for the 2014 campaign) and the budget was 46% less. However, by linking our activity in with the imminent weather threat, we were able to deliver messages which had much greater impact on our audience.

Alongside the positive metrics of increased traffic to and our organic social media reach being much greater than 2014, we were pleased to see that after each burst of activity we saw an increase in people claiming to take action to get ready.

graph 1

Now you might be thinking the following “Hang on. The winter weather in 2015 was horrible at times with flooding and snow. Of course there would be an uplift in people claiming to take action”. You would be correct. However, we also looked at the actions taken by respondents based on whether they recalled seeing the campaign activity or not.

graph 2

While the level of people taking action was higher than the 52% seen in 2014, there is at  a minimum 23% uplift for campaign recognisers versus those who did not.

The levers you can pull to activate behaviour change are often be more subtle than those used by those selling a product or a service, but Ready for Winter was testimony that with a bit of preparation and clear indicators of what the moment you are looking for is like, there are significant gains to be had.

Plus, as school holidays have just started and thoughts are very much on the summer, this could be the ideal moment to pick up those winter readiness essentials which might be on sale. For suggestions on what you need visit

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