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Hey everyone, my name is Mike and I’m the newest member of the Marketing Team. As part of my induction I got asked if I could write a little blog about what the department is like from the new guy’s perspective. Given that one of the main parts of my new job is going to be writing blogs and other content for the department, this seemed like a fair request…it also seemed a bit like a test, so fingers crossed…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been great at being the new guy. I’m always eager to get to that point when you feel like you are part of the furniture and know everything that is going on. Most of my friends wouldn’t believe it, but I always get a little bit nervous and shy. I think it’s not really knowing anyone…

Anyway, maybe a good place to start is with the question: why choose to work at the Scottish Government? That’s a good question, if I do say so myself, and it’s difficult to write an answer that doesn’t sound horribly cheesy. Simply put, I was immediately hooked by the job description for the role. It offered the opportunity to write for, and work on marketing campaigns that can have a real impact on people’s lives. It is a rare thing, to have a job where the things that you do can have a real and measureable effect on people.

Like I said, cheesy, however, it’s also true. The Marketing Team within the Scottish Government is a hot bed of engaging, innovative and exciting campaigns that cover a massive range of issues – walking into the department, it was amazing to be surrounded by so many wonderfully creative and passionate folks.

So, my first day on the job, well let’s start with this: St Andrews House is a pretty intimidating building. I was already nervous enough, as most folk are on day one of a new job, but this building created some serious added trepidation. The imposing location, the Art Deco style, the sheer size and scale of the place (who needs doors that big?!?!) all combined to create an awesome effect on me as I hovered outside contemplating my upcoming day.

The marketing department as a whole is made up of portfolios that focus on different areas: Greener, Healthier, Safer, International, Smarter…something for every aspect of Scottish life. Chatting within the individual teams it quickly became apparent the sheer scope of creativity that exists in here. However, despite the individuality of the different areas, they all combine under one unifying mandate. The whole department comes together to help make Scotland and its people live better lives, and now I get to be a part of that!

I’m mostly going to be working on Greener initiatives, creating new content on a range of things from food waste to home energy, and as an added bonus I also get to learn things that mean I can make some improvements in my own life at the same time as helping others. I think that it really helps writing when you are learning almost at the same time as the people you are writing for.

The author Ray Bradbury once said:

“Love what you do and do what you love…”.

The quote might be a little heavy handed, but I think it really gets to the heart of the most important aspect of your job. If you can find a job that you love, then it makes the whole process a little easier. It’s early days, but thinking ahead to all the campaigns that I will get to contribute to has me thinking I am on the right lines. That, coupled with the fact that I get to work on material aimed at making Scotland a better place to live, is a great thing.

Come find me in a few months, when I am a little more like a piece of the furniture…

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