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Our AboutScotland Facebook page now has more than 212,000 followers internationally.  These numbers include our UK following (over 42,000), as well as our audience in America (84,000), Canada (20,000) and Australia (10,000). My job is to share some of the best bits of Scotland with them, showcasing what our country has to offer. And our audience LOVE Scotland, which makes things that bit easier!

Our Scotland’s Winter Festivals campaign celebrates Scotland’s culture and heritage – the perfect content for our Facebook fans. As part of the campaign we worked with Royal Scottish National Orchestra to go LIVE from our Facebook page to pre-promote their St Andrew’s Day concert – a first for any of our Scottish Government campaign Facebook pages! With Facebook Live becoming more popular and frequent in people’s newsfeeds we knew that a live traditional Scottish music experience would go down well with our audience.

To pre-promote the concert  we went live from the steps of Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, where renowned musicians Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham were joined by Royal Conservatoire of Scotland students, bringing the sound of Scottish folk music to our audience at home in Glasgow, and virtually around the world!

In the space of 15 minutes we reached an audience from around the world – from Canada to Cape Town, Florida to France, Switzerland to Spain – people were commenting, liking and sharing. We reached over 56,000 people, our video was viewed over 17,000 times, shared 347 times and generated over 500 comments.

Here are some things I learnt about going live on Facebook:

1. Consider your content – make sure your live content is engaging and will capture your audience’s attention. Our Facebook Live was exactly the sort of thing we know our audience loves – traditional Scottish music played by renowned folk legends Phil Cunningham and Aly Bain. Followers on your page will also receive notification when you go live so it’s a great way to reach your audience quickly!

2. Recce – Before going live make sure you know the ins and outs of where you’re filming. If it’s a PR stunt like ours was, check out location – lighting, angle, sound are all important. Any other considerations? We needed a back-up as we were filming outdoors – but luckily were blessed with a very sunny Glasgow day!

3. Timing – we went live at lunchtime on a Friday, when we knew our domestic audience were online, and our biggest international audience in North America just waking up – a key time for pushing out content. For Facebook Live you also want to stream for a minimum of 10 minutes so people can see your video when scrolling through their newsfeed and to give them time to watch and interact.

4.  Say hi! Chat with your audience – use their name, ask questions! One of the best bits about Facebook Live is audience interaction.  As I sat having my lunch in Falkirk, I was saying hi to people from Japan, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Switzerland to name a few, and asking them whether they were enjoying the music (which of course, they were).

5. Relax and enjoy – you don’t need a super-fancy, big-budget production for Facebook Live – a smartphone and some content that your followers will love is really where it’s at. Show a bit of personality and fun – we filmed people dancing in the street to the music – and your audience will love it!

6. Do it again – if you’ve got the right content that you know is going to go down well with your audience, then do it again! We went on to work with The Helix for their Fire and Light event which was part of our Scotland’s Winter Festival Programme:

Here we are at The Helix in Falkirk for Fire and Light with Falkirk Community Trust #fireandlight #YHHA #thehelix #hogmanay

Posted by About Scotland on Sunday, 1 January 2017

And again, in the space of 10 minutes (and at no extra cost), we reached over 47,000 people, our video was viewed 18,000 times, shared 233 times and generated 136 comments from fans around the world.

7. Keep sharing – live videos are great content, so there’s no harm in sharing them again as a wrap-up and for those that perhaps missed seeing it in their newsfeed the first time. We shared all our live videos post-event, generating even more likes, shares and comments!

Thinking about these factors will help you showcase the content you want to share with your audience in the best possible way

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