Dream a little dream of…unicorns?

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What did you dream of being when you grew up? What did you imagine the world would be like?

Alwyn, aged 6

The eight-year-old animal-loving me wanted to be a vet until I realised that there wasn’t really a farm that all poorly animals went to for a holiday. Then, I set my heart on being a journalist, because I was a voracious reader and prolific writer of stories – I was churning out  Malory Towers fan fiction back in 1982 before fan fiction was even a thing.

So, I wondered what did my colleagues here in SG Marketing dream of when they were little? One wanted to be an architect because he loved building with Lego, our content writer wanted to be a writer (result!), one wanted to have her own zoo and another aspired to be a postman like his dad and granddad before him. There’s still time for one colleague (whose name has been omitted to spare his blushes) to achieve his dream of being James Bond – I hear there’s a vacancy…

Hazel, aged 6

All this talk of childhood hopes and dreams isn’t just daydreaming for me, it’s inspired by our latest Read, Write, Count campaign ‘Future Me’.

‘Future Me’ asks families with children in P1-3 to have a conversation about their little ones’ hopes and dreams for the future, to share them on our digital wall and to make a promise to do all they can to help make those dreams come true.

Lucy, aged 5

Seeing what Scotland’s youngest citizens want for the future has delivered a daily dose of much cuteness for Team Smarter. There have been the usual favourites of police officers who catch baddies, vets who look after poorly animals (it wasn’t just me then!), footballers and fairies, but there are some more unusual dreams, for example having a pet unicorn has been popular (it’s Scotland’s national animal after all). We have astronauts and YouTubers, boxers and mermaids. My particular favourite, is Joshua aged 5, who wants to be a fish keeper.

Children have also shared their visions for a better world, one where more trees are planted than cut down, people are kinder to each other and where no-one goes hungry. In short, they care about the world they live in, as well as their own personal dreams.

Jack, aged 6, vet

While the dreams may vary, what remains the same is how important these hopes and ambitions are to the children, and the strength of their families’ desires to make a promise to help make those dreams a reality.

Visit to see the picture of Scotland’s future our children imagine, and if you have a child in P1-3, why not add their dream together?


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