Would you wear leather to get ahead in the workplace?

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Four months ago I sat in a meeting feeling awkward and out of place. I was the only one not wearing head-to-toe leather. The other attendees smiled warmly, each too polite to ask what on earth I was doing there.

Our challenge was to launch a campaign that would encourage Scottish bikers to take it easy on the roads over the summer months. I was two months into my new role and this was my first motorbike focus group.

Bikers represent just 1% of the traffic on Scotland’s roads but sadly account for 20% of fatalities. In 78% of cases, bikers themselves contributed to the accident. How could we influence biking behaviour over the summer months, without killing the thrill that comes with biking on Scotland’s breath-taking roads?

This focus group was a chance to get into the biker’s mind-set. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t the warmth and acceptance that characterised this group. They didn’t feel like strangers who’d only just met – they bonded over their love of biking, sharing jokes, favourite routes and tips. The only female biker in the room was treated with enormous respect because she was the most experienced biker there.

In the end, this was the insight that shaped our campaign. Bikers respect bikers.  They don’t want to hear dull safety messages, but they do want to know how to ride the road as skilfully as possible.

Our campaign launched on May 7, with the first in a series of films showcasing Scotland’s iconic biking routes ridden by a skilled biker.  No preaching messages, just simple graphics reinforcing the skills with the end line:

Be aware on breath-taking roads. Don’t let them take your breath away for good.

In the first two weeks, the campaign has been shared by bikers over 200 times from our Live Fast Die Old Facebook page. Over 20 media sites and specialist biking magazines have featured the first film. And our View Through Rates to 100% on paid media are so strong that our media agency didn’t believe them at first (25% vs 6.5% benchmark).

This campaign is another step forward in reducing deaths on Scotland’s roads. For me as marketer, it’s an on-going lesson in understanding what motivates our target audience and ensuring this insight remains at the heart of our campaigns. Maybe in time I’ll need to buy some leathers too.

Find out more at dontriskit

Follow the campaign on Facebook at Live Fast Die Old Scotland

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