Sepsis campaign – what did it achieve?

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During February 2018, working in collaboration with F.E.A.T. and Finding Your Feat, we delivered a campaign to increase awareness of sepsis. The detail and background to the campaign was explained by my colleague Dawn Ferguson in her blog post on 19 March

After campaign activity was complete an evaluation on the impact was undertaken by Kantar TNS. This involved interviews conducted using their face-to-face, in-home Scotland omnibus. 1,019 interviews were conducted as part of the pre-wave and 1,029 after the campaign. This blog is to share those results.

Campaign Objectives & Results

Objective 1: Awareness: Increase the percentage of people in Scotland who are aware of the disease sepsis to more than 75% by March 2018
Result 1: Awareness increased by 2% to 77%

Objective 2: Knowledge: reported awareness of people stating they are aware and ‘Yes and I know exactly what Sepsis is’ to more than 31% by March 2018
Result 2: Knowledge of exactly what to do dropped to 28%. However, knowledge of exactly what to do or I think I know increased from 56% to 58%.

Objective 3: Knowledge of symptoms: Increase the percentage of people in Scotland who report to know what the specific symptoms of sepsis are (as spontaneous mentions of any five of the listed campaign symptoms) to more than 45% by March 2018
Result 3: Spontaneous awareness of the symptoms increased by 4% to 49%

Objective 4: Knowledge of Call To Action: Increase the percentage of people in Scotland who report to understand the benefits of immediate treatment in first hour (as mentioned in the campaign) to more than 74% by March 2018
Result 4: Knowledge of benefits of immediate treatment increased by 5% to 79%. There was a 6% reduction in those stating that contacting their GP was what to do if sepsis was suspected

Objective 5: Confidence: Increase the percentage of people in Scotland who report to know what to do if they suspect they or someone has sepsis to more than 47% by March 2018
Result 5: Those reporting to be very confident/quite confident held at 47%. Those reporting any level of confidence increased from 73% to 76%

Campaign Awareness

The campaign achieved:

1. Spontaneous awareness of advertising linked to sepsis increased from 25% for the pre-campaign research to 34% for post-campaign.
2. Prompted campaign recognition achieved 32%, with 19% recognising the radio coverage and 18% the poster.
3. Those who recognised the campaign media reported a far higher knowledge of sepsis and even higher for those who had seen 2 or more media.

Out with the results from Kantar TNS the campaign saw an increase in traffic to the content on NHSInform and looking at Google Trend data (which provides an indication on the level of interest in a particular topic over a period of time) the average daily score in Scotland for sepsis in the 90 days before the campaign was 14.2. For the 90 days after the campaign launch the score increased to 24.7. This demonstrates there has been a significant increase in interest in the topic in the period during and after the campaign.

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