Angela Rankine

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Senior Marketing Manager

Around the World in 15 Minutes

21st February 2017

Our AboutScotland Facebook page now has more than 212,000 followers internationally.  These numbers include our UK following (over 42,000), as well as our audience in America (84,000), Canada (20,000) and Australia (10,000). My job is to share some of the best bits of Scotland with them, showcasing what our country has to offer. And our…

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Loving and Living

12th February 2016

It’s time for all things red, fluffy and heart-shaped to appear on shelves again! While love-birds across the country are busy declaring their affection for each other, paying over the odds for a mediocre meal, and penning romantic rhyme as though they’re the next Bard, the organ donation team has been busy driving registrations to…

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